+ Who is eligible to go to Camp Koru?

Camp Koru – Snow/Surf: Adults who were diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 18-39 and who will be finished with active treatment at least three (3) months before the first date of camp. Some exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis for those who are living with advanced cancer.

+ How much does Camp Koru Cost?

Camp Koru is FREE to attend! Our camps include transportation to and from the airport, all meals, snacks, accommodations, activity instruction and gear. We do not include travel at this time, but we do have options for fundraising your way to camp, as well as partnerships with other organizations to provide travel scholarships if eligible!

+ Do I need to know how to surf/ski before attending?

Nope! In fact, Camp Koru is for beginners! A big part of what we do is provide an opportunity for survivors to challenge themselves to do something new.

If you're a really good skier/snowboarder, you should try surf camp. If you're a really good surfer, you should try snow camp.

+ I’m eligible, but is Camp Koru Right for me?

Camp Koru is a program for cancer survivors ages 18-39 seeking to kick start their lives after cancer and meet others seeking to do the same. If you are open-minded, committed to trying something new, and taking positive action steps in your life, Camp Koru is for you.

+ If these apply to you, Camp Koru is for you!

  • Unsure how to get back to a “normal” life or seeking a new “normal”
  • Looking to kick start your life after cancer
  • Seeking to overcome fears
  • Interested in discussions with other survivors
  • Open to a restorative and healing environment
  • Looking to be energized and renewed
  • Seeking an active and healthy environment
  • You are a beginner at the primary camp activity (surfing, skiing, snowboarding, etc)
  • Committed to positive action + moving forward in life

+ What can I expect from Camp Koru?

Camp Koru aims to be a positive, engaging, active, and restorative experience. Here’s what you can expect at camp:

  • An atmosphere of honesty, trust, and openness
  • Always respectful + never judgmental
  • This is not your traditional camp food! We source locally, organically when possible, and have some of the best chefs in the biz to create amazing menus that provide fuel and nutrients for all the adventures of the week.
  • A focus on being active and having new adventures
  • Group living arrangements – sleeping in the same room with others of the same sex, or on an air mattress, and even outside if you choose (it’s fun!)
  • An unplugged environment (we have limited internet hours)

+ What do you ask of your participants?

We invest a lot of time, care, and commitment in our participants at Camp Koru. We ask that you do the same for yourself when you decide to attend Camp Koru. Once you make that decision to attend, you make a positive commitment to invest in yourself and your future.

  • Turn off your phone: We understand it’s exciting to post on Facebook or tweet from camp, but we just ask that you limit your phone time so that YOU get the most out of the Camp Koru experience.
  • Respect: We have participants from diverse cancer, cultural, religions, and career backgrounds. In conversations and actions, just use common sense.
  • Commitment to the journey: This week might present activities that are out of your comfort zone. That’s why you’re here! Bring an open mind and come along for the ride!
  • Attend for you: We totally understand a desire to "pay-it-forward" and/or "help other survivors", that's why all of our camp leadership are survivors themselves, and we take great care in ensuring all survivors are supported during and after camp! So you can set aside your "helper" or "advocate" hat and join Camp Koru for your enrichment. We've got the support covered!
  • A sense of adventure!

+ How do I apply?

Complete an application here. Please note: We do not accept applications that have been filled out by someone other than the potential participant (We totally love well-meaning social workers, parents, partners, spouses, and other caregivers. But applicants should be committed to attending Camp Koru, and that starts with applying!)


Are there any jobs available at Project Koru?

Sometimes there are! If so, you will find them here...