This is Life is a workshop series for survivors seeking renewal and life skills through education in practical matters, arts and movement. Over three days and two nights, experts in various subject matters from our partner cancer centers and organizations facilitate collaborative sessions with the goal to leave with a robust toolkit of skills for managing day to day life with, and after cancer.

This is Life workshops take places in beautiful, quiet and often serene natural spaces that allow participants to chill, reflect, and just take a break from every day life! The natural environment and empowering activity within are important elements in the This is Life series.


Stay tuned for 2019 events!


  • Retreat-style workshop series in peaceful, in-nature settings.

  • Free to survivors (excludes travel to/from program)

  • Ages 18-40 (diagnosed 15-39)

  • 3 day, 2 night weekend program

  • Open to new or Koru Alumni survivors

  • In partnership with local oncology programs


Experts in their respective fields and young adult cancer lead collaborative workshops meant to increase survivors' knowledge and skills in dealing with topics they want to learn more about, including:

New Normal: acknowledging your identity as a survivor, how to cope and deal with fear of recurrence, parenting, managing late effects, and sex, dating, and relationships.

Lifestyle: alternative medicine and how can it help, becoming an advocate, mind body medicine connection.

Practical Matters: work and careers, starting or going back to school, tools for good financial health after cancer, and navigating insurance.

Movement: introduction to Qigong, hiking, and yoga.

Creativity: explore your cancer journey through photography, creative writing, or designing your own art project.