Camp Koru is a camp to help cancer survivors diagnosed between 18-39 to find healing and renewal through outdoor experiences in the ocean and mountains. 

Participants are given the tools, professional instruction and focused encouragement required to take on new challenges, such as surfing, standup paddling, outrigger canoeing, and snowboarding. Through this shared experience with peers, survivors learn to overcome fears and face life's challenges, and ultimately find their own ass-kicking potential after cancer.

Camp Koru retreats are run by alumni of our Alumni Leadership Program. Each alumni leader has returned to Camp Koru to lead and share their knowledge, experience, and inspiration with other survivors. 

What is the Cost?

Project Koru covers the $1500+ it costs to send each individual to Camp Koru by the generous donations of our many supporters! However, it is up to each participant to pay for their travel to and from camp. In an effort to relieve the concern of travel cost and to give participants a chance to pay it forward, Project Koru has a simple travel fundraiser guide to help you out. By joining, you can get your travel paid for, booked, and give another survivor a chance to go to camp too!

Check out our guide to engaging supporters for more information on covering travel expenses!

  • Surf or snow adventure camp

  • Free to survivors (excludes travel to/from camp -- fundraising & other resources available to help)

  • Open to new or Project Koru alumni survivors

  • Ages 18-39

  • 3-6 days


May 12-18: Maui, Hawaii

Surf & Standup Paddling | FULL


May 20-26: Maui, Hawaii

Surf & Standup Paddling | FULL

SeptembeR 29 - October 5: Maui, Hawaii

Surf & Standup Paddling | WAITLIST

November 10-16: Maui, Hawaii

Surf & Standup Paddling | WAITLIST

November 18-24: Maui, Hawaii

Surf & Standup Paddling | WAITLIST